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Investor relations

Unlocking Growth

Building Wealth Through Well-Located Properties and Sustainable Practices

Key fundamentals

Our members portfolio’s include high-quality residential assets, servicing a growing middle-income segment of the South African affordable rental market. Estates (and apartments) are designed to attract, service and retain reliable tenants by offering well located housing in desirable neighbourhoods, close to work opportunities and equipped with lifestyle enhancing amenities. The profile of our members tenants is a key driver of high occupancy levels, rental collections and cash-backed returns.

Multifamily Residential assets have demonstrated reliable and consistent risk-adjusted returns for investors through the performance of a fundamentally resilient asset class. Investment sustainability balances asset viability with the impact and implementation of environmental and social interventions, while understanding the everchanging needs of all stakeholders.

  • Well-located, well-managed, large-scale residential rental properties in high demand areas.
  • Diversified risk spread across a large tenants base.
  • Long-term defensive asset which offers consistent and stable returns through the property cycle.
  • Quality assets with a real value underpin.
  • Truly sustainable asset class which offering access to socially inclusive and environmentally responsible housing.
Making an Impact

Multifamily Residential housing emphasises the importance of sustainability by focusing on environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) matters, which are fundamental to all stakeholders. SAMRRA endorses broader ESG requirements and best practice principles, which should ultimately enhance its members capabilities and value creation.

A key objective of SAMRRA is to provide industry stakeholders with accurate and transparent information to enable them to objectively assess the asset class’s ability to create and sustain future value. As an association, we will provide information governance principles and structures, as well as our members commitment to social, environmental, financial and economic objectives.